Collectable Cars located at 7894 South U.S. Hwy 59 in Nacogdoches was almost turned into a drive-thru, according to their Facebook page. The owner, Dennis, got quite an early morning surprise this past Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

A large refrigerated 2023 blue Freightliner Semi-Truck carrying perishables left I-69/HWY 59 South and made a straight path toward the roadside business. Looking at the photos the tractor-trailer narrowly avoided hitting the classic cars on the lot.

It hit a large support beam that holds up the awning above the cars, though it held steady. The truck took out a fence and a telephone pole on the way, and the pole was resting on top of the cab when it finally came to a halt inches away from a freshly painted hood and a 54' Chevy chop top project.

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Semi Truck Accident Gets Close To Classic Cars In Nacogdoches, Texas

Heavy fog at 6 am that morning contributed to the accident that involved multiple vehicles. A white pickup rear-ended a semi at 85.9 MPH and then spun in front of two other big rigs.

The red vehicle ended up jackknifed and the blue truck in the pictures actually hit the white truck, coming to a stop very close to these classic vehicles. Luckily everyone was okay and material things can be replaced, though these material things are more rare than most.

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I have stopped at Collectable Cars a few times in the past to look at different vehicles on the lot. The owners are great people and are keeping the classic car hobby alive on the road between the twin cities.

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Take a look at the accident and a few of the amazing cars for sale at Collectable Cars.

Collectable Cars VS. Semi Accident

See just how close this semi came to the classic cars for sale on this lot between Lufkin and Nacogdoches.

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