So it turns out Seth Rogen's really been in the field as a rap fan and years ago, he paid the price for it while attending a Wu-Tang Clan concert. At the ultimately ill-fated show, Rogen was sprayed with tear gas after chaos broke out at the show.

"I was tear gassed at a Rage Against the Machine and Wu-Tang show that was in Long Beach, I want to say, yeah, maybe 10 years ago I want to say," Rogen recalls in an interview with journalist Nardwuar. "A riot broke out, they started burning things and they tear gassed the crowd."

While such an incident might traumatize most people, Rogen seemingly took it in stride, as he was laughing at that turn of events during his interview. Honestly, that's understandable, because that sort of scene sounds like something right out of Pineapple Express.

Before getting to the Wu-Tang story, Nardwuar gave Rogen a picture disk record of Ol' Dirty Bastard's debut solo album, Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version. Rogen seemed to enjoy looking at the piece of ODB memorabilia. All together, this conversation with Rogen ended up being another addition to Nardwuar's string of really entertaining interviews.

You can see the rest of Rogen's interview in the video below.

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