April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and it being the first April since the beginning of the #MeToo, and #TimesUp movement, there is a growing strength in survivors sharing their stories.

Yes, unfortunately sexual assault has been happening for much longer than just in 2017-18, but the issues, and those that would do harm to a fellow human being can no longer hide in the darkness.

Locally, the Family Crisis Center of East Texas (Formerly known as the Women's Shelter) has once again stepped up to provide a month full of events to spread awareness to our youth, and community as a whole.

You can see their full schedule of totally FREE events by visiting their website or Facebook page. These events provide fun ways to talk about serious issues. You can pop in just to snap a picture of yourself supporting the movement, or stick around to hear some amazing stories, and most likely get some FREE food.

This year, they have introduced something new. Now there is a way to share your story with the option to stay anonymous. It may be difficult, but sharing your experiences could save another person's life.

The Family Crisis Center's Primary Prevention Coordinator, Stuart Burson explained the process of how individuals would be able to share their story.

You can text "mystory" to 41411, and when you are prompted to say your name, simply refuse to do so, and it won't be an issue. Some quotes may even become the inspiration for future messages that are shared by the Family Crisis Center.


Young woman walking and using a smart phone on a city street.
Ivanko Brnjakovic

For more information, contact the Family Crisis Center.

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