It only took about 20 seconds. Just 20 seconds for someone to pull up, and pull all the valuables out of two vehicles at a local Hudson Day Care. This happened this morning (8/10/18) at around 8:30am.

The Hudson Police Department is seeking our help in identifying the suspects involved in the Burglary of two vehicle at a local Day Care. The suspects can be seen entering the vehicles after parents had taken the children into the Day Care. The suspect vehicle is the biggest clue we have at this point, a dark colored Chevrolet Suburban with chrome window molding.

Anyone that may have information regarding this criminal event should contact Crime Stoppers at 936 639 TIPS or Contact the Hudson Police Department directly at 936 875 2358 Ext 113

This is a cautionary tale for anyone at the drop off, just seconds and your valuables can all be gone. I know it seems like a pain to have to shut off your car, and lock all the doors when you are just steps away, but thieves know that and are watching you. They will take any opportunity they can to get at your stuff.