If you have been waiting for the perfect moment to venture out and get some Valentine's Day Shopping done, the Angelina County Farmers Market might be the perfect choice. There are things there that you wouldn't find anywhere else, and you will be supporting local vendors. This year with Valentine's Day on a Sunday, you have just one more weekend shopping day to get it done.

There is a special Valentines shopping day this Saturday February 13th, from 9am-4pm. You could stop by and check out a new vendor at the AC Farmers Market.  Melody's Macarons is there every Saturday. They will have Valentine's Day boxes started at $12. They are so colorful and are sure to go over better than a standard box of chocolates.

Another newer vendor, Real Time Breads will be there as well. They sell sourdough breads of all types. I hear great things about their Cinnamon and Raisin Sourdough bread. Made right here in Lufkin, Texas so you know this will be one purchase that will stay in the local economy.

Making sour dough bread is an art. Looking at the end product on their facebook page, they have my attention, especially the Focaccia. Sourdough bread is perfect for any diet. It's just flour, water, and salt. They do add all kinds of things to their loaves, so always ask.

For a basic sourdough though, it should be vegan, and gluten friendly. So if bread and deserts are the way to your heart, the Angelina County Farmers Market has a lot of options.

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