Five months after being shot at 100 times in Charlotte, N.C., shots were fired at Young Dolph's concert in Houston this past Saturday (July 1).

In one clip, a Snapchat user appears to be updating his story when several gunshots go off. In the background, the beginnings of what sounds like a pretty chaotic scene are heard as Dolph ends his show performing his Yo Gotti diss, "Play Wit Yo Bitch." In a second video, a fight breaks out shortly before the shooting occurrs, and Dolph was already headed out of the venue when the first shots let off.

For his part, it appears Dolph was undeterred by the shooting. According to tweets he posted later on that night, he went to an after party a short time after the concert and the shooting.

"Headed to da after party. Got a couple my Houston fans ridin wit me, I'm bout to let them pick my next single," Dolph tweeted early Sunday morning (July 2). There's always a chance he tweeted that message before the shots were fired at his show, but given how the shooting took place so soon after he performed his last song, probably not.

Dolph, who dropped his "All of Them" video just the other day, has yet to comment on the shooting.

Check out footage of the moment shots were fired at Dolph's Houston show and peep Dolph's post-show tweet below. And if you haven't yet, check out XXL's exclusive interview with Young Dolph for our spring issue.

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