Since it's produced so quickly, SNL will never not take advantage of any holiday that arrives near its air date. That meant that last night's episode saw a handful of mom-themed sketches in honor of Mother's Day! The first of them was a great fake commercial for a flower delivery service starring the terrific Kristen Wiig. Check it out below.

Ostensibly a commercial for "1-800 Flowers," the sketch finds Wiig speaking directly to the audience, reminding them of how important Mother's Day is and that they should get their mom the perfect gift to celebrate the day. However, the ad is frequently interrupted by Wiig's conversations with her own mother, which involve nagging, complaining and the sharing of unnecessary information. Eventually, it all culminates with her mother crashing the set of the commercial itself, ruining the shot and causing Wiig to storm off in a huff.

SNL is very good at cutting through the treacle and this was no different. Most of all, it's a sketch that everyone in the world will surely relate to in one way or another. Sure, you love your mother and want to treat her right on Mother's Day, but that won't immediately erase the hundred little things that she does that drive you nuts.

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