It has been pretty cold the past few days. Imagine my surprise when I look out at the County Court House and there are snow drifts out in front. Images of playing the snow, and having a snowman building competition, swirl in my mind. Then I a closer look at what was going on. This was not snow, it was bubbles. Thick, towering, and white as snow. Our precious memorial fountain had been soaped.

Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin
Dan Patrick TSM Lufkin

What seems like a harmless prank, is actually a pretty expensive act of vandalism. This made me think of what needed to be done to the fountain to make it work properly again. First it will be drained, cleaned, then refilled, after they change all the filters. Then there will still be soap. They will drain it again, clean it again, change the filters, and flush the pumps. Then they will add the chemicals back in that keep algae from forming. Lots of man hours, and materials.

I have walked downtown, and there were lots of people on Saturday during the day enjoying the fountain. Hopefully this won’t happen again, and there are cameras at the courthouse. This happened on the same night as LHS prom, held right down the street at the Civic Center. Coincidence?

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