Last year was the first year that Nacogdoches was haunted by a Spirit Halloween Store. In Lufkin it pops up somewhere every year, but last year was a first for Nacogdoches.

The store did well enough to return again this year in the same location. It is located in the Northview shopping center on North Street.

This is the shopping center where AMC Theaters is located. The building formerly held Party N' Things, and is a great space to put everything for Halloween.

Location Has Been Empty All Year Waiting For The Return Of Halloween

Bryan McDowell is back again this year planning the store's return. They are already starting to put things together again at the location.

If you want a job at the store sign up and join the Spirit Halloween Job Opportunites Talent Network. Once the job openings become available, they will email you.

You can fill out the form and upload your resume to stay up to date on every job opening. You will receive alerts about new job opportunities that come available in our area.

When Is Spirit Halloween Opening Up In Nacogdoches?

I know it seems like Halloween is a long way off, but just like the Christmas creep we now have the Halloween creep. They have a tentative open date of August 19th, 2022 at this time.

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They held onto the building all year, and now it is paying off for all the Halloween fans. The residents of Nacogdoches and the students at SFA that love everything Halloween, will get a lot of use out of having this store open again this season.

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