The Icon Sting surprised the wrestling world last night by making his surprise debut at AEW'S Winter is Coming.

For months there has been speculation that Sting could find his way to AEW for the grand finale to his iconic career. His contract with WWE ended earlier this year, and the promotion removed all of Sting's merchandise back in October. These moves led the wrestling world to believe that the Stinger could make his way to AEW, although that seemed more like a far-fetched dream than a realistic possibly just a short time ago.

Sting's last match took place  back in 2015 against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. During the match, Sting went down with a scary neck injury, but somehow found a way to get to his feet and finish the match. The following year, after being diagnosed with spinal stenosis, Sting officially announced his retirement from wrestling during his WWE Hall of Fame induction speech.

His last sentence uttered that very night, "This isn't goodbye, it's see ya later."

It took nearly five years, but finally, The Icon has returned. Absolutely no one on the planet saw this coming, which made it even more special.

Sting debuted last night at AEW's Winter is Coming special episode on TNT, marking his first appearance on the iconic network since wrestling the final WCW match on TNT against Ric Flair in 2001.

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Without question, AEW was able to pull of one of the greatest surprise debut's in wrestling history. Check out Sting's remarkable debut below.




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