Tomorrow (Friday, March 17) we have a K-Fox Street Cast 5-7 pm at Pie Five Pizza Company. I couldn't resist going by and getting a sneak peak of this new place!

I have really been trying to eat better lately. I have stuck to a lot of vegetables, and I feel better. So I thought I was going to derail my diet today by hitting Pie Five before the broadcast tomorrow. I could not have been more wrong! They had amazing pizzas and SALADS with fresh ingredients, and I was impressed with the pizza.

Pie Five Pizza Company got its name from the concept of personal pizzas in under 5 minutes. Getting a personal pan pizza was a thing back in the day, but no one really took it to this level. It's like subway, you can very literally put anything you want on the pizza. They have toppings that I had never even thought about.  Artichoke hearts and corn, stand out in my mind.  I put them all on my Farmers Market Pizza, and it was amazing.

I also ordered the Athenian. Olive oil on a pizza is amazing. It was so good. The best part is you can put anything on your pizza you want, and they all cost the same!


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