A staple of East Texas, Casa Morales in Redland on Highway 59 is being lost to progress. For over 45 years, it was an in-between place for friends and family from the twin cities to meet. There was live music, and even a few adult beverages. The rowdy older brother to their other restaurant near our radio station on South First Street here in Lufkin. Luckily that one isn't going anywhere, but this chapter for Casa Morales, and more importantly the Morales family closes Sunday, December 29th 2019.

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More and more expansion, and most importantly, feeder roads are needed to keep the new Interstate 69 project on track. That put the restaurant right in the path of progress. They knew that they might eventually have to move. This has been almost a decade in the planning stages. It will be missed, but the gracious family that gave Lufkinites actual hot salsa with their chips, and their restaurant will continue.

It's that salsa that is spurring the growth of the Morales brand now. I haven't had it in weeks, and my eyes are watering and sinuses clearing over the very thought. 4515 US-59, won't even be an address in the future. So drop a pin if you go there this weekend.

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