I grew up going to the Super S convenience store in Lufkin at 702 Southwood Dr. right before it turns into Bynum, at Pershing. It was always the closest place to ride your bike from the neighborhood to get an ICEE. Then you could go back home on Camp street, and it's all down hill. If you do it right you ended up all the way home without peddling.

Do it wrong, and don't brake at the right time, you end up in the ditch. I found that out once, and had some skinned elbows to show for it. Luckily no one was around to notice. So I learned a lesson, and took it a bit easier in the future.

There are no longer kids riding on bikes to destinations near our neighborhoods. I am sure I wasn't totally safe doing it even back then. I drove in the area yesterday, and noticed that they are completely remodeling the store. There were noticeable changes to the building, but the most important one was the pumps.

They dug out the decades old tanks and replaced them with new ones, and added new shiny pumps. They are put in at an angle to make up for the limited space in the parking lot. They might have even been able to squeeze in another pump for two more people to fill up.

The most notable change was the name on the building. Though it has gone though many name changes over the years, I guess I always knew it as Super S. At least it remained super, and since I never knew what the S stood for, I'm fine with the fact that it's a mart. They are not quite done with it yet, you can see there is a fence still around the front.

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