There are plenty of dope tracks on Swizz Beatz's Poison album, but "Echo," which is a soulful, Nas-assisted track from the project, has definitely been the most talked about. Earlier today (Dec. 12), the Bronx production extraordinaire dropped off a visual for the song.

The new video takes place in a few different spaces. At the beginning of the new video, we can see Swizzy holding up a wine glass as he stares into strobes of bluish light in a dark room. In the next portion, we can see Esco walking through a white room where sickles of diamond hang from the ceiling. In other shots, we can see Nas and Swizzy kicking it in that same space or another one as they mime some of the lyrics to Nas' verse.

With Nas' vivid imagery and an entrancing beat from Swizzy, "Echo" is a track that was always going to have the streets talking. Before the streets voiced their approval, though, the acclaimed producer spoke about the track for the fall 2018 issue of XXL Magazine. Addressing the song, Swizz explained that the video would evoke memories of Nas at his very best.

“Y'all getting Illmatic Nas—the best storytelling Nas," Swizzy said of the track back in the fall. "The story is so hard that I didn't even want to put drums on it... just the bass line [and] live instruments," he added. "There's a little bit of poetry in the beginning from myself. And when you hear this story, you're like, goddamn! He starts off the song: ‘Throwing pits out the window at police.’ How you start the verse like that? The entire story that he's telling is true. ‘I'm an observatory of a murder story...’ Oh my god. He's a master poet.”

Peep Swizz Beatz's new video for "Echo" below.

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