Wipe Out These 5 Monthly Bills
Today is the first day that you've got a chance to win a whole lot of money with us, and this could completely wipe out several of your monthly bills. Like the average car payment that's $515 bucks a month! Wouldn't it be nice to have that gone? There could be a bunch more fun mone…
Most Texans Don't Carry Cash
It was fun while it lasted, but finding that surprise 5-dollar bill in the pocket of some old jeans is becoming more rare. Lots of Texans are opting not to carry any cash at all, and if we do have paper money in our wallets it's probably less than $25
What Do You Want to Win?
We have been racking our brains here at the station about getting some more prizes for you to win here on the website. What would get you clicking here at
Meet the First Winners of our Cash Contest
We've been giving away cash two times a day throughout the month of May on-air! We've compiled a list of our winners so far, but we're not done yet! There are still plenty of opportunities to win a grand on-air and $10,000 online for our VIP club members. Check out the full list of wi…
The $1000 Winners Are Rolling In!
K-Fox Cash is going out the door every weekday in May! Our first 2 play times hit today, and now 2 listeners are $1,000 richer! You could be next here are the details on the next KFox Cash cue to call from The Pool Store.
Thieves In L.A. Make it Rain! [VIDEO]
Okay this is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Now I do take into consideration that this is wrong, and no one should ever rob a bank, or run from the police, but this is some good stuff. In Los Angeles some bank robber made it rain cash...

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