Picture Of Hell Frozen Over...
It's true: we've had crazy weather for the last couple of weeks. This picture was taken right here in Lufkin during the record cold temps yesterday, when it was about 30 degrees outside.  However, something appears to be wrong.
Lady Gaga’s New Single ‘Judas’ Now Online
LADY GAGA's new single "Judas" wasn't supposed to be released until Tuesday, but wouldn't you know -- today on Friday, the entire song appeared online.  Gaga acknowledged this by tweeting, "The Real Judas -- He's Everywhere, Now. Don't Stop 'Til He's Yours."  She included a pictu…
Part of Britneys New Video Out
Britney's video for "Hold It Against Me" is just wrapping up production, and she has released one little picture to tease us!  .  The video will be released mid February and I will have it here for you for sure!   Click Here!!