Bye, Bye CeCe Frey:( [VIDEO]
First Willie Jones left the X Factor, then Dez Duron was voted off The Voice and now, the last contestant that I actually liked on the X Factor is gone. Well, other than Emblem3... Bye, bye CeCe Frey.
Poor CeCe. No one could ever get your name right...
The Anti Pitbull Guy Is Back NSFW (VIDEO)
This dude is sooo full of himself. He did the anti Pitbull video not long ago PITBULL SUCKS and he's also spoken out against the Kony movement. This is the response to his haters. Apparently, he's being bullied now. I frankly find his language bullying and at the least, very offensive. The racial an…
THE Meanest Step Mom In The WORLD! (VIDEO)
Yep! That would be me:) Okay, I don't really think I'm that evil... Actually, I think having a 17 year old hunt Easter eggs to surprise her with concert tickets she's been wanting is pretty much genius in my book!
Guy Cries On The Slingshot NSFW (VIDEO)
As you've probably heard me mention, I generally keep MTV on in the background (on silent of course) when I'm in the studio. I saw this video on MTV's Ridiculousness yesterday and DIED laughing!

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