It's Senior picture time, but don't get caught making this mistake. Taking pictures on a railroad track in Texas is illegal. So when you see a basic picture, of anyone you know doing this, they are breaking the law. There are a lot of reasons this is dangerous. You could end up with a big fine or even worse, lose your life, or cause the death of a railroad employee.

The Texas Penal Code (CLICK HERE) files this under interference with railroad property.

(1) “Railroad property” means:

(A) a train, locomotive, railroad car, caboose, work equipment, rolling stock, safety device, switch, or connection that is owned, leased, operated, or possessed by a railroad;  or

(B) a railroad track, rail, bridge, trestle, or right-of-way owned or used by a railroad.

(2) “Tamper” means to move, alter, or interfere with railroad property.

If you are there when a train comes, they could try to stop the train quickly, and that could cause a derailment,  and the fines get even higher. An event such as that, as unlikely as it seems, could land you with a maximum fine of $300,000 and a first degree felony.

So the next time someone you know makes a suggestion that a railroad track would be the perfect setting for your photo shoot, keep all of this in mind. Happy picture taking....

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