Are you among the very excited patrons of Taquitos El Jaliscience? You might not be super excited just yet, because they closed. Luckily this isn't another great place to eat going away, they are getting an upgrade.

They closed their store at 4512 North Street in Nacogdoches on May 17th, 2021, to get into their new location. They will be reopening soon in the building that was formerly Barnhill's Steak & Buffet.

This is a huge upgrade, and will allow their current devoted customers more access to their favorite foods. They make Mexican Food the old fashioned way. Taquitos El Jaliscience has only been around for 3-4 years. The fact that they are already branching out into a bigger building, speaks highly of the food they have been putting out of their small kitchen.  

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Soon they will reopen at 3217 North St in Nacogdoches. Their hasn't been an official date of when the re-open will happen, but it can't come soon enough for some in the community that already miss their favorite restaurant.

Due to Covid-19 the past 2020-2021 calendar year was and is still currently been very hard on the restaurant business. Taquitos El Jaliscience makes it known that they are very thankful for the support of the community in the past, and hope that they will join them at their new location.

This new location will give them lot more visibility and parking. I think this will also open up the door to new customers. I have never been, and after checking out their facebook page it seems like I am missing out.

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