I was skeptical, but these boxes are a great idea for yourself or for a special someone... especially with Mother's Day approaching.

Beauty Boxes are a pretty big trend right now. It's hard to open up social media without seeing some video of a celebrity opening their latest box of goodies. There was one thing that always bothered me about those boxes... commitment. You had to commit to a subscription in order to have them delivered to your door. I was never interested in committing to them for fear that I would get a box with nothing I could use in it.

Then Target swooped in like a knight in shining red armor.

Not only are they offering some pretty awesome beauty boxes that come out once a month, but they are also offering them without a subscription... and they're only $7. Seriously! So not only can you get some quality beauty products (albeit travel sizes in most cases), but you're not locked in with a commitment. And, if you miss a month, you can go back an order from another month, if they're still available.

I immediately purchased two of these boxes.

The first is loaded with several beauty products like Olay Regenerist moisturizer, Honest Beauty cleanser, Burt's Bees tinted chapstick, Dr Teal's bath soaks, and more. Plus, they gave me coupons! So, even though many of these are clearly travel- or sample-sized products, I can same some money on the full-sized versions. And if you were to do the math on all of these sample-sized products' prices, it's easily an upwards of $35. Remember, I paid $7.

@missradiojess, Instagram

The other box I purchased was loaded with masks.

@missradiojess, Instagram

You can see all of the products contained in a box before you purchase. And again, you're not locked in. So, if you don't want a box one month then don't get it. You just have to make sure you get your box before they sell out.

I am one happy, pampered camper.

And don't forget that Mother's Day is coming up in May. This could be a cute little gift to give that special mom in your life. Who doesn't love a box of a bunch of little goodies to test out?