Teachers deserve a nice, relaxing drink after nine months of hard work trying to shape and inspire all of our budding little Einsteins.  So parents, if you're looking to have a little fun with teacher appreciation gifts right now, this might be a perfect idea.

My daughters have given homemade cards, apples, candles, and gift cards to their teachers over the years, but this time we decided to do something completely different.

Alcohol!  Well, sort of.

We got the idea for this custom wine glass from a friend who has one of those fancy vinyl machines.  She can turn just about anything into a custom-crafted work of art, and she was making some of these wine glasses for her own child's teacher so we asked to hop on board.

For those that are non-gifted in the area of arts and crafts like me, a vinyl machine cuts out shapes and letters from sheets of thin self-adhesive plastic paper and you can stick that onto things like wine glasses and you've got a personalized message.  And then you can put the project on Pinterest and make everyone jealous of your creation and watch it spread.

Hopefully, you caught my hint about how to pull this off if you're not the least bit crafty and everything you've ever tried on Pinterest has flopped like a bad bundt cake.  Ask your vinyl-machine-owning friend to make this for you.  Go buy a set of stemless wine glasses, drop them off at your crafty friend's house, and wait a few hours while she turns them into pretty sweet personalized gifts.

These glasses would also hold vodka mixers and margaritas I'm thinkin', and probably green smoothies, orange juice, and protein drinks too.  Grab it like a boss, teachers, and make it whatever you want it to be.  Because you cannot live on apples alone.

Teachers are just awesome.  When I think about the ways that my kids have grown since August not only in academics but as little young ladies, I'm totally amazed.  Their teachers have been in their corner every step of the way, through hard math problems, haiku poems, a little anxiety, and two bouts with the flu.  One of their teachers even got misty-eyed at the last parent-teacher meeting trying to describe the light bulb moments from the school year and how much the kids meant to her.  Teachers impact kids, and kids impact teachers.  And this is a great week to say thanks for the whole process.

Have a great summer, teachers!  You deserve a relaxing summer on a beach somewhere with a festive beverage in your worn-out grading hand.  Cheers!


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