He goes by the name @waverider_ on Instagram, and his account is hilarious. Liam Martin, a teenager from New Zealand, has taken literally dozens of famous celebrity and musicians' photos and recreated them with whatever he finds around his home.

Liam's been at it for a couple of years now, and his million-plus followers love every upload. From potatoes standing in for two very important parts of Nicki Minaj to pasta instead of Taylor Swift's hair, the dude nails it every time.

And the clothes! a lot of what you see is toilet paper or printed images from his computer, but it looks like he's broken out the sewing machine once or twice to get the perfect look.

All in all, you gotta respect his attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to accuracy. Everybody needs a hobby, right?

Taylor Swift

Iggy Azalea

Nicki Minaj

Lady Gaga

Ariana Grande

Miley Cyrus