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  • Missing Youth In Texas
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When going about your daily errands keep an eye out for situations that just look wrong. It could lead to finding one of the 29 children and young adults in Texas that have been reported to the National Center For Missing & Exploited Children.

Take a moment to look at all of the photos, and even if they aren't from a town near you, it could make a difference in getting them home. These are all somebody's children, and if you are reading this you are already willing to help.

If you see something or someone you recognize, alert authorities. Hang out in the area and when police arrive they can take over from there.

Use Your Gut And Help Bring These Missing Texas Children Home

Most people who have found missing children say they had a gut instinct that something was wrong and acted upon it. If you ever are in a situation where you find a child, don't put them in your car, and don't take them anywhere.

You never know if someone is near keeping tabs on the child, or why they are missing in the first place. One of the girls missing in October has a notation that you shouldn't approach.

That's not because they think the child would endanger you, it's the person the child could be with that is the concern. Take note of those warnings and other features that stand out when you look at these photos.

29 Kids Lost In Texas This October

Help bring these missing children home. Take a look at the photos and see if you recognize any of these kids.

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22 Texas Children Went Missing In August

Look at the photos and help these children get reunited with their families.

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