Hey, Texas? Do we have enough vaccines to start dropping that age limit way, way down for the COVID vaccines? Alaska already beat us to it! They announced this week that essential workers over the age of 16 years* can get their shots squared away. Texas was the first state to drop the mandatory face mask mandate, so how bout them lower age apples, too? I still wear my mask any and everywhere, but still, I'm talking about the principle.

Yes, there was an announcement that beginning March 15, all Texas residents over the age of 50, educators, and childcare workers can freely roam about the cabin and get their vaccine. They're being called the "1C" people. But hey, us "1D thru Z" young'ns under 50 are still over here chomping at the bit. We are getting impatient!
I feel like yelling, "We want shots! Shots! Shots!" (No, I"m not talking about the drinking kind this time!)


There are many states still struggling to get coronavirus shots to keep up with the demand, but Texas surely has a big stack of vaccines coming, don't we?

I have been waiting impatiently for my turn to get the COVID-19 vaccine. I keep hearing stories of folks afraid to get the shot and I can see why. There was the Tuskegee Experiment that left a nasty taste in the mouth of many people, particularly Black Americans. Others may be feeling like the vaccine really won't prevent them from catching The 'Rona.


We have been dealing with a pandemic quarantine and going through all of these Phase openings and I know I am not the only one who has gone batty trying to deal with our "new normal". While there are many things about being in quarantine that I have come to embrace, like staying at home to attend staff meetings, board meetings, concerts, movies, and Girl Scout meetings virtually, there are so many things I miss from our old life and I want them to come back YESTERDAY!

I need to be next on that list and so do the rest of us because I personally cannot wait to take my 10-year-old child on a Disney cruise to see Princess Tiana at sea. Hanging out with my girlfriends without needing to wear a face mask would be wonderful. Flying out to Tennessee to visit my mom and my favorite cousins would cure my bouts of being homesick. Offering up my home so that Willow can have a sleepover party is next on my list of things to do once we can tame the pandemic beast. I bet there's a scroll of a list you have of the things you want to do.

The Department of State Health Services says they will soon be announcing the next wave of people who will qualify to get the vaccine. Please hurry up, Texas! We want our old lives back!

*In addition to Alaskans with severe health issues and/or over the age of 55, homes without adequate water access, and who live in "multigenerational families". Get more info here.

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