When I watched the first episode of SNL with Chris Rock and Megan Thee Stallion I knew we were starting a news era for the show. The global pandemic showing up in one of the first pieces of comedy to be produced in almost 6 months. Sneeze guards were protecting various band members, and everyone in the small audience was wearing masks.

I knew that was going to happen though. One thing that I didn't know was a Texas native, and UT graduate, was joining the cast as a 'Featured Player.'  I tired to find out if any past or current cast members had been from Texas. It's not the first time a Texan has performed on the SNL stage for sure, but I am more interested in non-guests. So far I've only found Noel Wells. She only lasted one season, and I barely remember her.

This time things might be different. Andrew Dismukes is a self proclaimed Cajun even though he is from Port Neches, the Texas side of Cajun Land. He has been really busy since he started as a staff writer for SNL back in 2017. Being a writer at SNL at only 23 or so years old and freshly out of college is a major accomplishment. Now just a few years later, and he is on the show.

Lots of other great 'not ready for prime time players' started out as writers. Fred Armisen, always a favorite, started as a writer. Here's to Andrew, I hope he stays on the show a long time. He brings a new prospective to all those New Yorkers. Here's hoping he never blends in.

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