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  • We don't all ride horses
  • Texas has a diverse landscape
  • It's like its own country

Making generalizations about one group of people based on their geographic location is never a good look. Within any group of people you might be surprised that currently, no matter where you live, we are more alike than you know.

Growing up I remember a friend of mine going on vacation to New York. During an elevator ride with some native New Yorkers, they struck up a conversation.

Once it came out that they were from Texas, the family from New York was fascinated by them. They wondered how many horses they had, why they didn't have an accent, and much more.

Common Stereotypes About People From Texas Continue

Though this interaction was many years ago, this story stuck with me. Do people actually think that everyone in Texas has a horse?

That we all sit with our back to the side of a barn with a piece of hay in our mouth with a cowboy hat on? I can't believe they do; there is just no way that is still happening.

Sadly, it is true. People don't understand what being a Texan is all about. We all live and work in the United States just like the rest of them, yet because we are from Texas we are different in their mind.

I, of course, like to think that we are better. I do have access to a horse, yet I've only ridden once when I was very young.

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