The warnings are out, and you would think we would stop hearing tragic stories like these.  But it's still happening. This is unbelievable!

Two kids under the age of 3 were left in a car for fourteen hours last week (intentionally by their mother), fell unconscious, and died later at a hospital.  What in the world was this woman thinking?!

A Kerrville mother is facing charges after police said she left her two toddlers to die in a hot car. The Kerr County Sheriff said 19-year old Amanda Hawkins left her 1 and 2-year old daughters in a hot car intentionally, and investigators said she ignored their cries as they were inside the car last week for almost fifteen hours.

The girls were unconscious by the time she drove them home from a friend's house, and she eventually took them to the hospital but investigators said she lied and said they collapsed after smelling poisonous flowers. Hawkins is facing two counts of child endangerment, but the charges could be upgraded after the case goes to a grand jury.  The sheriff said it's the worst, most tragic case of child endangerment he's ever seen.

Anyone else sick to their stomachs?  This is a real head-scratcher. Most of us moms can't even imagine leaving our young kids unsupervised for more than five minutes, let alone more than twelve hours in a car when it's warm outside.  And those neighbors, that CNN said heard the cries but didn't step in to help, are going to have to live with the weight of this for the rest of their lives.

A 2-year-old girl and a 16-month-old boy died May 26 in Parker County, west of Fort Worth, in another hot car case.  Texans are better than this, and we need to start provin' it.

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