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There are over 1,221 towns, cities, and villages in Texas. That lends itself to a lot of originality when it comes to naming towns.

Most towns' names come from the surnames of people instrumental in their formation. There are plenty of Texas towns with boring names because of it.

There is a Smith, Texas and a Smith County, Texas. That is basically the John Doe of Texas town names because they get a little crazy sometimes.

Strange Town Names That You Can't Even Read

Because some of the towns in Texas were formed when the state was a part of Mexico, they have hard-to-pronounce names, at least in English. Names like Nacogdoches have been a part of Texas since the start.

Around 1250, Nacogdoches got its name from a Caddo Indian group that lived there. This just shows that truly no one discovered Texas; it has always been here. The only difference is that now every place has a registered name.

These names are as varied as the landscapes you will find in Texas. There are 16 major cities in Texas with over 200,000 residents.

Major Cities Have Weird Names In Texas

Big metropolitan areas in Texas have strange names; we are just used to them. Lubbock, Amarillo, and Plano could make the list if we didn't see them all the time.

Here is our list of 18 Texas towns that have strange names. They come complete with maps you could use to make your own route and visit them all in our great state.

18 Unusual Town Names Across the State of Texas

People in Texas have a lot of pride even in the small towns with usual names.

These are Apparently the Top 20 Worst Places to Live in Texas

Well in this case things including crime rate, or vicinity to crime; some may be close worse neighborhoods or adjacent cities. Also the rate of natural disasters was taken into consideration. Hurricanes are not something that'd land on the "pro" side of your pro/con list. Flooding would likely fall on the con side too.

To help you know the places you may want to avoid, or for a list to throw in the face of your cousin who lives in Lubbock, here are the 20 worst places to live:








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