The 1989 Tim Burton classic, "Batman" will be back on the big screen at the historic Pines Theater in downtown Lufkin on October 22nd.

There's a Facebook event page for it, if you want to go ahead and let them know you're interested. As for me, I've always been a Batman fan, and I can even remember seeing this movie when it was first in theaters.

As much as I love all the Batman movies, I have to say how much I love the Pines Theater. If a movie has even halfway tickled my fancy, I'm going. Just the theater itself, makes every movie better. Especially if you want to be transported back in time.  The fact that there are so many of these, makes me happy.

I used to watch the original Batman TV show in-reruns, watched the Superfriends...looking back on it now, I remember having Batman and Robin dolls.  This is getting a little strange. Okay, I'll just admit it.  I'm Batman.

You don't believe I'm a Batman fan? You do know I've been called the Lufkin Batman before right? Still don't believe me? Watch the clips below and see me battle East Texas' greatest foes as the dark knight.