You asked for more family friendly entertainment here in Deep East Texas, and it seems someone is listening. Circus Delman is coming to the Lufkin Mall parking lot.

This is a residency, not a one night event. They will be here from September 3rd - 13th. The big top will be in the back parking lot across from AMC Lufkin 9.

Tickets start at just $10. There is even a link on their website to get a free ticket. You can also see where you can buy tickets at


Monday through Friday nightly shows are at 8pm. Saturday there are two shows one at 5pm and another at 8pm. Sunday it's three big shows at 2pm, 5pm and 8pm.

What Makes This Circus Different? 

The one thing that sets this circus apart is the fact that it's a Latin Circus. The Delman Circus was founded in 1984 in Mexico City. They have toured for years throughout Mexico and Central and South America.

If you have been before, this is a completely different show. I don't personally remember them ever being in our area.

Full Show

I really like the vaudeville type circus presentation. This circus happens on a stage. Performers are the centerpiece.

The best clowns, aerialists, acrobats, jugglers, and more take the stage throughout the show. If your kids speak Spanish, they will get a lot more out of the show, but the action speaks for itself.

I have looked over their advertisements on facebook and their website. I don't see any mention of animals. I see that as a positive.

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