Every Morning at the station it's something different in my studio. I really don't understand how all these creatures get in an interior room in the office. Today it was gecko.

As the compelling video shows, the common baby house gecko was captured and released, to what will hopefully be a better home. When I was a kid, you were much more likely to find "anole" lizards. But now these are few and far between in our area.

Common house geckos come from Southeast Asia, and are also know as the Pacific house geckos. They came in on ships from Asia, and now are found anywhere in the world that is warm and humid. I see them at my house hanging out by a light at night eating bugs, or in my kitchen floor being played with by my cats. I usually save them, because at least they eat a few bugs. Around here, that is all I can really hope for from a non-native reptile species.

If we find anything else, we'll release it and keep recording it, so that one day we can make a huge video montage of all the animals, bugs, and reptiles getting to go free.