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Ever been camping and thought, I really don’t want to carry this heavy chair all the way from the car? Or maybe you got to the top of the mountain after a long hike and thought, Man, I wish I could just sit here for a couple of hours, and yet you have nowhere to sit? With WEKAPO, just throw it over your shoulder or stuff it in your pack and unbuckle the seat you can take anywhere; all you need is air. Hike up the mountain with this lightweight portable lounger and you’ll have a place to relax in seconds.


The best part is it’s only two pounds and it’s durable. The 210T rip-stop fabric can handle it all - dirt, sun, water and bugs. It’s capable of holding up to 500 pounds and it’s seven feet long so not to worry, tall people. It also uses amazing patented technology that keeps it inflated for five hours or longer, and it comes in a variety of colors and prints. The squared headrest gives you a place to rest your head comfortably and a nice foundation on the ground. It even has two side pockets to stash your wallet or phone and an elastic bottle holder so everything you need is right within reach.


Take WEKAPO with you everywhere for camping, a day in the park, cheering on a friend at a sports event, the lake and so much more. Take a nap on it lengthwise or share a seat with a friend and take in the sights. The biggest thing you’ll have to ask yourself is what color should I get it in and where should I go?

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