A member of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and his family appeared as contestants on 'Family Feud' and gave a shout out to the show!

Mike Morse and his family appeared on the game show 'Family Feud' and had a rather interesting interaction with host Steve Harvey during the family introductions. Mike was describing what he does for a living and mentions that he works for The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show and it's what Steve says during his reply that will leave you wondering if he knows that Kidd Kraddick has passed away. Give the bit a listen for yourself around the :45 second mark to hear Steve's inflection!

Mike and his wife talk about their time on the show and just before they wrap up the bit, they play the clip from the end of the taping with Steve mentioning Kidd Kraddick again (this happens around the 10:31 mark in the best of audio clip below!

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