Near of the world’s entire population dies of a virus, and The Last Man on Earth still manages to run into celebrity after celebrity. The latest offers another SNL (and MacGruber!) reunion, as Kristen Wiig will appear on Last Man in a top-secret role later in Season 3.

Per TVLine, Wiig will appear later in the year playing “a top-secret recurring role,” though FOX would neither comment, nor offer further details. Wiig becomes the latest SNL alum to populate FOX’s surprisingly pleasant post-apocalypse, following Jason Sudeikis as Will Forte’s character Phil Tandy’s brother, Mike Miller, and Will Ferrell’s brief cameo as “Gordon.”

The Last Man on Earth has generally been a whiz with stunt casting, recently staging a Mad Men reunion with Jon Hamm in the Season 3 premiere.

We’ll have to wait until at least March 5 to pick up with the latter half of Last Man on Earth Season 3, but who might Wiig end up playing? Last we saw, the gang was contemplating a trip to Tokyo (and blissfully unaware of poor Gail’s distress), so stay tuned for more details on the role.

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