This trio will be live at the Pines Theater in Lufkin, on January 25th at 7 pm. The Lettermens current lineup of Tony Butala, Donovan Tea, and Bobby Poynton will be on hand to deliver their special harmonies. You might not know the name, but you will remember the songs. They hit the music charts in 1961 with “The Way You Look Tonight”. Then quickly afterwards with, “When I Fall In Love”, they were voted best vocal group of that year. They continued to produce songs landing on the music charts into the mid 70's.

Though the hits might have slowed down they never have. Different members have come and gone in the group, but they have continued to enjoy touring since the start. Doing almost 200 shows every year, they stay on the road, and together with there fans. They also never quit putting out albums, their catalog is so broad, sometimes releasing 4 new albums a year, they could really surprise you with their set at the Pines Theater 113 S 1st St in Lufkin.

Get your tickets now. CLICK HERE for seating and details. They are almost sold out, so hurry!

Join this All-American vocal trio as they sing some of the most romantic musical memories of your lifetime.

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