"They're not listening, they cuss, they smoke in the restrooms... Girls are supposed to be better than this..."

The Magnettes may hail from Sweden, but their personal brand of glittery dance-punk is less glossy and more raw than the typical pop exports of Stockholm's most celebrated music studios.

Comprised of singer-songwriters Rebecka Digervall and Sanna Kalla, as well as guitarist Tomas Backlun, the self-described "21st Century f---pop trio who think ugly and weird is cool and that the patriarchy needs to be crushed" slam double standards on their latest single, "So Bad," premiering on PopCrush.

Opening with an ominous headmistress' voice that serves as a commentary on gender expectations and featuring lazily skittering beats and warped, spacey synths, The Magnettes describe the tune as a "millennial Britney Spears ballad but with detuned fuzz guitars and cheap drum machines." While not exactly a rollicking anthem, the moody mid-tempo is potent in its message against the "boys will be boys, girls should act like ladies" mentality—and it's irresponsibly catchy to boot!

"We wrote this one really fast, basically in less than an hour, and in some ways it’s a pretty straight-forward song about sneaking out and getting into trouble, but also about how you have to make some people disappointed just to find out who you really are," the band shares of the track, adding, "They’re going to stick lots of labels to you for doing that, but you need to go, so you go."

Listen below:

"So Bad" is off The Magnettes' forthcoming debut album, Ugly Youth, out June 30.

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