Everyone goes all in for Christmas. It's everywhere, but what about some alternative holidays before that ... you in?

Christmas decorations go up before Halloween is over. Christmas gets on top of Thanksgiving big time. There are so many holidays that we don't seem to fully celebrate anymore because of the Christmas creep. How about we go all in for a holiday that is before christmas? Break the norm and you could be the first one on his block to put up your sock display.

Today is National French Toast Day, you could celebrate this one by making a ton of french toast. Gather it all together with syrup and powered sugar. Go to any local gym and see how many people there you could get to participate. It could become a national pastime.

Now while the days found at National Day Calendar's website aren't all federal holidays, we think it would be funny to go crazy and decorate for anything on this list.

  • Robyn Mackenzie, ThinkStock Images
    Robyn Mackenzie, ThinkStock Images

    National Pie Day

    December 1st

    While March 14th might be Pi day, apparently December 1st is a day set aside to appreciate the more edible pies in our lives.

    Maybe you've got some left over from Thanksgiving, or ready to prepare for Christmas by filling your home with the smell of apple pie. Either way, it's an excuse to chow down.

    Also, technically pizza is a pie. Food for thought.

  • Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News
    Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News

    National Mutt Day

    December 2nd

    National Mutt Day offers folks a reminder to visit their local animal shelters.

    You may not be able to adopt any new friends, but you can always volunteer.

    Who knows ... with Christmas being 23 days away from Mutt Day, you might end up adding a furry family member to your roster as a special gift to someone requesting a dog for a gift.

  • Mario Tama, Getty Images
    Mario Tama, Getty Images

    National Roof Over Your Head Day

    December 3rd

    Santa started this one to have everyone check their roofs and make sure he won't step on anything slippery or painful.


    It's really another day to observe appreciation for all that you have in your life, starting with the roof over your head.

  • Etsy

    National Sock Day

    December 4th

    Socks. On December 4th, share a picture of your socks on social media with the hashtag #NationalSockDay.

    Other ways to celebrate would be to get your stockings ready for Santa whether you decorate your own stocking, or just need to find a place to hang them up.

    Celebrate the socks that are still in matching pairs. Honor the long lost socks of the past with a candle light vigil. This is one of the more weird days, so just use your imagination.

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    National Cookie Day

    Also December 4th

    That's right ... Cookie day and Sock day fall on the same day! What?

    Look, any cookies you make on the 4th will be stale and old by the time Santa gets around to them, so you might as well eat them yourselves.

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    International Ninja Day

    December 5th

    It's the first international day on the list, meaning the world will be celebrating ninjas in some way or fashion.

    We're seeing a strange Christmas them to all these days however. Santa has to move like a ninja to get in and out of our houses after all.

  • Universal

    National 'Pretend to be a Time Traveler' Day

    December 8th

    Will you pretend to be from the past or the future?

    There are apparently a lot of different ways you can pretend to be from another time. We just ask that you record your interactions with people and send us the videos.

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