The Texas State Fair in Dallas just came to an end, but don't worry there is one going on now even closer. The 2019 Louisiana State Fair promises to be "A Gumbo Of Fun" in Shreveport. I went last year, and it's a great day trip, with lots to see and do. Shreveport is so close to here, but the vibe is crazy fun. It's like a little Vegas with casinos just a few miles over the Louisiana border.

The first thing you notice is a bunch of helicopters overhead when you get there. No it's not the police trying to catch someone on the loose. It's people just like me and you on a Timberview Helicopter Ride. I have never been in a helicopter that was flying, so doing this would be a first. Ride these and you will have a story for life from your weekend.

There is also lots of live entertainment. The Casey Martin Band is Friday night, and there are 3 other live acts just this weekend. The fair continues until November 10th, and there is something for everyone. Cajun Fair Food, that's where it's at.

I have been to Shreveport a lot lately, it's easy to get around town, and it's just about as close as Houston, without the traffic. Don't get me wrong, they have traffic, but not at the level of Houston. Great day trip escape, and one of the many destinations close to Deep East Texas.

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