Like any Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarok’s story went through plenty of iterations and edits before it was finally filmed, and that involved cutting some characters from the final version. Director Taika Waititi recently revealed that he removed one of the Thor comics’ biggest villains from the movie: God of Unlimited Power Perrikus.

In the video above, courtesy of IGN, Tom Hiddleston, Tessa Thompson, and Waititi engage in a fun game of “Thor Villain or IKEA Furniture?” which is a lot harder than you might expect. Waititi does pretty well, considering the wealth of Thor comics mythos he’d had to to absorb to make this movie, and when Perrikus’ name comes up he says the character was originally in Ragnarok.

He doesn’t elaborate, but we can see how he’d fit in. Perrikus, a.k.a. God of Unlimited Power and Infinite Energy, has powers similar to Hela’s, and is also able to crush Thor’s hammer with one stroke. He has longstanding enmity against Asgard that began when one of the realm’s scouts killed his wife during combat. He was accidentally released from prison by Thor, kidnapped Odin, and wreaked all kinds of havoc across Asgard. In the end, of course, Waititi chose Hela instead for the main antagonist, but that doesn’t mean Perrikus can’t show up in a later movie. The world of Thor is expanding in the MCU, and we need its villains to be able to keep up.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3.

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