Things are looking up, and people are going to events again. If you have a daughter, this is a great event for some one on one time with Dad. We have so much going on in our daily lives, it's hard to carve out a little time unless it's planned. The Lufkin Parks and Recreation Department is making that time for you now.

This years Daddy Daughter dance theme is "To The Moon & Back"  a play on a book that many daddy's read to their daughters - "I Love Your To The Moon & Back." It will be held this Saturday, April 24th 2021 from 6pm-9pm.

Tickets to the event are going fast. They are just $20 per couple, $5 for each additional daughter. This is for ages 5-14 years old. This is a "No Mom's Allowed" event, and will hopefully lead to great memories for years to come between Daddies and Daughters.

The Daddy Daughter Dance will be held at the Pitser Garrison Civic Center, at 601 North 2nd Street in Lufkin. It's not just limited to daddies, so uncles, grandfathers, or any father figure to a girl in this age range is acceptable. 

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While you are there enjoy a live DJ, light refreshments, and themed decorations at the Civic Center. I am so glad that we have things like this in our community. The Lufkin Parks and recreation have been putting on this event in some capacity for years. They have so much to offer our community, and it's a very inclusive organization.


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