After a decade as one of South Korea’s biggest idols in Girls’ Generation, Tiffany Young has been reborn as a dazzling pop star in her own right with her latest single, “Born Again.”

Since the release of her first solo single “Over My Skin” in 2018, Young has dabbled in a multitude of genres ranging from the groovy funk of “Teach You” to the cozy, laid-back R&B of “Peppermint,” slowly but surely crafting her own signature sound and style along the way. With her new single, “Born Again,” Young has released a gorgeous, sweeping pop tune that is destined for the top of the charts, all the while sharing her mesmerizing story of trials, tribulations and, ultimately, redemption.

The first single from her upcoming Lips on Lips EP (Feb. 22), “Born Again” is Tiffany Young at her most open and vulnerable lyrically. The song makes references to specific points throughout the 29-year-old’s life, like her experience living in a foreign country (South Korea), feeling “hollow, shallow [and] vacant” as a celebrity, and searching for something real to set her free. “‘Born Again’ was written from the idea of holding onto all of those struggles and finding that moment where you say, ‘Oh, I know what to do,’” Young shared in a behind-the-scenes look at the song on YouTube. “I want to dive into all of the things that have happened and come out in full emotion.”

Produced by Fernando Garibay, who’s worked with artists like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, the track’s pop melody meshes electronic and acoustic guitar with a pounding R&B-based drum machine beat to create a dreamy soundscape. Young’s voice is soft and intimate throughout the verses, but it’s during the chorus where her vocals really soar to new levels. Backed by lilting harmonies and echo effects, her voice has an ethereal quality to it as she openly bares her heart, beckoning the listener to witness her rebirth.

When talking about the songwriting process, Young revealed on Instagram that writing “Born Again” gave her the ability to “really open up some wounds and heal” and “accept and grow” as a person. “There has almost never been peace when creating in my life, but the art created during that struggle has always been the most truthful and rewarding experience … Those songs are the ones that have given me peace.”

By achieving peace with her past through “Born Again,” it leaves the door wide open for Tiffany Young to become the artist she’s always dreamed of becoming.

“Born Again” is available January 25. You can see her perform live on her sold-out Lips on Lips North American Mini Showcase tour beginning in March.

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