There are only a few days left until Christmas and as you can expect, the Walmart is bustling busy, day or night.

I had to run into Walmart today to get some last-minute Christmas gifts for my child, Willow, and some pet stuff for our family guinea pigs, Cupcake and Ninja. It took me nearly an hour looking at every single toy in the Toys section, but I managed to come out unscathed. I was almost run over by these two bad little kids who kept running up and down the aisles playing tag with a hula hoop. Their parents were nowhere to be found, so I was about to pull a "mean Auntie" and hiss at them to stop. Fortunately for them, I got distracted by a shelf display of board games on sale.

I saw the board game I have been wanting to buy for the longest time: Disney Villains! I squealed with delight, picked up the board game, and stuck it in my shopping cart. Then (yikes!) I noticed the price tag on it: $29.99.

"#%$!" I muttered under my breath. "This thang is too da** high!" Sadly, I put the board game back on the shelf. I had to remember, I was there to buy WILLOW some toys, not me. Plus, I had to stick to my Christmas budget!

After I gathered up the pet stuff and Christmas gifts for Willow (a LOL Surprise comforter and two newly released "Dogman" books), I shuffled the cart up to the checkout lanes. You will not be surprised to hear that there were only 4 lanes open and the lines were fiercely long. I sighed and took my turn waiting to be rung up. I waited for about 30 minutes, during which time the people behind me got way too close. The signs CLEARLY say to stay "6 ft. behind" the person in front of you. I can follow directions but it seems not everybody gives a flip about the idea of personal space!

Here are the top five things I realized while waiting in line for 30 minutes at Walmart:

  • Number #5: The price of toys these days is too da** high!
  • Number #4: I forgot where I parked my car.
  • Number #3: 2021 had better be a great freaking year!
  • Number #2: Some people STILL don't know the meaning of social distance 6 feet apart in the checkout line.
  • Number #1: There are STILL not enough clerks working at the checkout line!

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