If you are looking for a scare in East Texas just walk out our door. If you don't get your fill of fear during a pandemic, you have to take drastic measures. The Total Insanity Hauntpark is a fundraiser for the Hudson Fire Department. East Texas Only Premiere Haunted Attraction, with the motto "We Own Your Fear" so yeah, something for the entire family (6 and under not recommended).

This year for Halloween Total Insanity Hauntpark is allowing us to visit 3 separate attractions. "The Hyfield Institute for the Criminally Insane", "Monster Mayhem and the Hafaker Hollow", and "Zombie Apocolypse"

Ticket booths open at 7pm and closes at 11pm. Check the website for exact days, or on their facebook. This year the Insanity Cafe will be closed due to Covid concerns. Patrons are encouraged to wear a mask for the safety of themselves and the workers.

Total Insanity Hauntpark is a Halloween based production in fear which consist of two main  attractions and variety of smaller attractions. The entire park is operated strictly by volunteers ranging in numbers of 100 to 125. The park serves as the primary fundraiser for the Hudson Volunteer Fire Department and contributes to nearly one quarter of the fire departments budget each year.

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