My son Andrew was at the station while I was getting some work done. He was playing a little basketball on the window, and it was getting into the recordings.

I told him to stop and he did. But of course he noticed how triggered I got when I thought he was disturbing other people trying to work in the control room. So of course he had to start it up all over again. Because content! I didn't even notice the camera was rolling until it was too late.

You can see in the featured image, the one person that was really getting punked here was our engineer Chris. Andrew for some reason doesn't care for him. I think it's because I have to leave when he calls sometimes for things that happen to the station.

So to escalate things, Andrew threw the ball at my face! I knew something had to be up at that point. I still don't know if it was James or Andrew's idea. But after they took the video, Andrew directed all the cuts, sound effects, and of course the triggered line. I think it turned out pretty great. Now I hope he is inspired to make some video's of his own star to finish.

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