The dog days of summer are here! This week we are in a cycle of high humidity, heat advisories, and rain chances. This could be one of those weeks where we get a pop up shower every afternoon. There is at least a 20% chance of rain every day this week. Skies will be dotted with clouds, not all of them rain free like the ones in the pictures.

Super hot and muggy today with a high near 97, with the humidity pushing us to a heat index as high as 109. That is dangerously hot, and a heat advisory is in effect today, and most likely everyday this week. The isolated afternoon thunderstorms aren't going to cool us down, just add to the humidity.

We might sprout gills, and have to permanently wear hats outside to keep from getting too much sun. Fall is just around the corner so I will keep thinking cool thoughts, and getting to bed as early as possible. You can get some work done outside in the cool at 5:30am-7am. Once it gets plastered around 80 degrees, the humidity makes it fell like 90, and it gets a little oppressive outside.

Another round of schools started today across East Texas, and with the exception of colleges, this time next week everyone will be back to school. Nacogdoches being the last hold out, and they still have one week of summer fun left. Back to School is always the hottest time of the year.

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