East Texas heat may actually be the worst all around. It's not a dry heat, and it likes to sneak up on us when we least expect it. We aren't as prepared as folks living in places that are constantly hot, and with our weather changing every five seconds, we can never be fully prepared.

There's all sorts of new methods of keeping cool. You can attach little USB fans to your phone, you can even MacGyver yourself an air conditioning unit for under $25.

Nothing beats the old school methods of beating the heat however. There's just something magical about passing down the ways of old to your kids.

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Here's a list of my favorite methods to beating the Summer heat.

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    Visit The Parks

    with splash pads, pools, or a nearby lake

    As stated in a previous post, one of the best ways to stay cool this Summer is to visit on of our great parks. There is plenty of shade and covering at most parks, but now a lot of them have splash pads.

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    Water Hose Sprinkler

    D.I.Y. Home Water Park Pt. 1

    A cheap water hose can run you about under $4, or you might even have an old one lying around already.

    Take a bobby pin and poke little holes in it to create your own "at-home" water park.

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    Homemade Slip n' Slide

    D.I.Y. Home Water Park Pt. 2

    No homemade water park would be complete without a slip n' slide. There are plenty of instructions on how to make your own slide online, but back in my day, we just used tarps and garbage bags.

    Clean garbage bags.

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    Freezer Pops

    Don't overthink it. Poor some Kool-aid or your favorite juice into an ice tray to give to the kiddies when they start to overheat. There's no need for saran wrap and toothpick handles ... just get messy.

    Unless you have insects around. Just clean up after you have these icy treats.

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    Freeze Your Sheets

    If you throw your sheets in the freezer for about half an hour, you'll have your very own ice coat to walk around in. Pretend like your Elsa from "Frozen" or just take a nice cool nap.

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    Eat Ice Cream or Snow Cones

    Cold foods to cool your tummy!

    Remember when Blue Bell went away? Well are you still appreciating the fact that it's now back?

    What about the fact that we have snow cone vendors around nearly every corner?

    We may have to do some taste testing and investigating on all these snow cone places. Where is your favorite place to get a good snow cone?

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    Stay Perfectly Still

    Lazy is the new smart

    Sometimes the best way to get something done is to do nothing at all. I'm not going to tell you the items on this list are the healthiest options, or even the smartest, but doesn't the idea of laying perfectly still under a nice fan sound appealing?