Last week, Tyler, The Creator, who's just recently released his Flower Boy album, stopped through The Late Show With Stephen Colbert for a conversation and an electrifying performance.

During the course of his appearance on the show, Tyler revealed that he was a big fan of Elizabeth Taylor's jewelry, though he owned up to being pretty unaware of her career as an actor. Perhaps as a means to thank the Odd Future founder, Colbert sent Tyler an Elizabeth Taylor gift pack less than a week later. Peep Tyler's special gift for yourself below.

Using his Twitter account to give thanks for Colbert's gift, Tyler uploaded a photo of the gift pack, along with a shout-out to the late night talk show host. "THABKS AUNTIE COLLLL @colbertlateshow," he wrote on Twitter.

In the thoughtful gift pack, we can see a collection of delicious-looking cupcakes with Taylor's likeness designed into the frosting and a DVD's of her movies. Looks like Tyler will be learning more about Taylor's true profession pretty soon.

As we mentioned before, Tyler also turned in a dope perfromance during his stop by The Late Show. Performing "911," a track that manages to be as funky as it is somber and introspective, Tyler tore up the stage with some playful dancing as he spit his pretty depressing set of lyrics in front of a crowd. To top things off, he had the crowd make a Soul Train line. It was all pretty awesome.

Check out that awesome moment, Tyler's gift pack and his interview with Colbert below.

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