Being an accomplished MC, photographer, beatmaker and director, it's safe to say Tyler, The Creator is a pretty talented guy. Turns out he can cook up a mean churro too. He showcased his skills during his recent return to The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time, a cooking show for his Golf Media app with a comedic twist.

During the episode, which is hosted by Bonny Lalich, Tyler walks viewers through how to make sumptuous-looking European treats. With Tyler using his typical "bad" language within the framework of an ostensibly normal cooking show featuring a cheery female host and the inclusion of a little screw up when talking about where, exactly, churros come from, it's all pretty funny.

Tyler first appeared on The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time last year, where he cooked up some tasty looking cinnamon waffles. The waffles he cooked up looked just as delicious as the churros he served up.

As you can see, Tyler's going all out on this whole alternative programming thing. A few weeks ago, it was revealed he was heading to Viceland to produce a new show called Nuts and Bolts. That show is all set to premiere on Aug. 3.

A short while after the Nuts and Bolts announcement, we learned Tyler was reuniting with Adult Swim for a new show called The Jellies! We don't know when the show will premiere, but it should be pretty funny.

You can check out Tyler's recent visit to The Greatest Cooking Show of All Time below as well as his first appearance on the show after that.

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