Everybody talks about using the arrival of Daylight Savings Time as a good reminder to change the batteries in your home's smoke alarms. Of course that's important, but today I'm going to use Daylight Savings Time to remind you to update your smartphone's RadioPup app too!

We've recently updated and switched out a ton of parts under-the-hood that make RadioPup go, on both iPhone and Android devices. It's faster and better - you'll notice that you're listening to your favorite K-Fox 95.5 tunes quicker and with better sound quality than ever before.

And if you haven't been listening to K-Fox 95.5 on your phone, what are you waiting for?! You won't have to worry about losing reception on your radio, and you can build playlists of your favorite songs, get weather updates, and more!

Download it today for iPhone and Android devices!