Valee finds himself in the middle of a movie in his cinematic new visual for "Womp Womp," a Jeremih-assisted banger that dropped last month.

In the Hebru Brantley-directed video, the Chicago rhymer is the star of a movie called Womp Womp, which finds Valee running a series of errands. At the very beginning of the flick, we see a list of DVD chapters hovering above Valee's bed, with some of the chapters being named, "Heist," "Getaway" and "Credits." This gives a bit of context as to why the story of the visual is a scattered one that jumps between chapters with little warning. Without giving too much away, Valee ends up going on a little adventure that involves police, and toward the end of it, Jeremih finally shows his face.

The visual is a creative one from a rhymer who's made a lot of noise since linking up with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music. Speaking with XXL for The Break a few months ago, the nimble rhymer explained that he's rarely gotten comparisons to other rappers.

"With all the music I've been doing, I don't get many comparisons," he said at the time. "So that lets me know I'm working hard. But I did see a tweet yesterday that said, 'Valee is the Young Thug of Chicago.' People in Chicago call me the prince of rap—or trap—sometimes. I've never been compared to a Drake or anything like that. I did see a text from Drake. 'Ye showed me Drake likes my music, so that's pretty good."

Check out Valee's new video for yourself below.

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